For over 10 years, Black and Rose has been representing both large and small employers across diverse industries, as well as insurance carriers and third party administrators in all areas of workers compensation and employment law litigation. We work with our clients to create innovative, cost-effective and practical solutions to some of the most complex problems facing employers in California. With offices in Los Angeles, Orange County, Oakland, Sacramento, San Diego and Ontario, our attorneys are in court throughout California every day. Each of our attorneys is expected to make a difference in developing and implementing strategies to obtain the best results for the client.

Our History

Black and Rose was founded in 2003 by partners Jim Black and Brent Rose. The firm has quickly become one of the most trusted and respected defense firms in the state. With offices in each of the major metropolitan areas, Black and Rose is able to provide comprehensive representation to clients throughout California. From the outset we sought to fill a void in the legal community by building a firm that utilizes the latest technology to ensure that cases are managed efficiently. To that end, we have built a proprietary database and communication network that has made it possible for us to reduce litigation costs for the client, while concurrently increasing our closure rate. In short, we handle more cases at a lower cost than our competitors.

Practice Expertise

The firm's clientele is diverse and includes both self-insured and fully insured employers, third-party administrators and insurance carriers. Black and Rose represents a broad spectrum of employers, including national retail and service businesses, manufacturers, professional sports organizations, public entities (school districts and universities), healthcare providers, as well as independent, locally owned and operated businesses. The firm works closely with each client to ensure that their interests are protected and their risk management and cost containment goals are met.

The firm's seasoned attorneys have expertise in all aspects of employer representation including:

  • Workers' compensation
  • Wrongful termination (Labor Code §132a)
  • Serious and Willful allegations (Labor Code §4553)
  • Employment litigation
  • Employment contracts and handbooks
  • Human resources counseling: discipline and discharge
  • Policies and procedures

Black and Rose provides strategic legal advice and services to help employers minimize the risk of litigation through effective workplace strategies.

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Our Approach

Our case handling philosophy is to provide clients with aggressive legal representation in an efficient and personalized manner. We understand the working relationship between attorney, client and employer and use our business experience to achieve the desired result on each file. Our internal process includes a collaborative effort between the associates, managing attorneys and partners, ensuring that each issue is addressed and resolved quickly and that the client's interests are protected at all times.

As part of our commitment to the community, the firm offers educational programs and training seminars that are custom tailored to keep clients up to date on the changes in the law and to provide information that can reduce overall costs.

The firm prides itself on its client communication and the use of technology to manage that handling of files so as to maximize efficiency and reduce overall litigation expenses. Black and Rose was one of a handful of law firms chosen to test the Department of Workers' Compensation's Electronic Adjudication Management System (EAMS), a system that allows the electronic submission of documents to the WCAB. The firm's cutting edge technology includes a state of the art file management system and database that incorporates EAMS into each file. This technology allows partners and attorneys to collaborate on files and manage their caseloads more efficiently and effectively.

Choosing and attorney is as important as choosing a business partner. A law firm should share your high standards and your commitment to your business and clients. Black and Rose works closely with clients to accomplish their goals. From the initial review of a calm, to the closing correspondence, we maintain constant contact with the client to ensure the file is brought to a quick and cost effective resolution.