The experienced lien experts at Black and Rose offer an alternative to employers and carriers in defending against workers compensation liens. Our team has years of experience in defending liens and has a track record of obtaining “take nothing” results at trial and in the discovery process. Our philosophy is that effective representation involves more than simply negotiating a settlement. If a valid defense to a lien that would result in no recovery by the lien claimant exists, then we ensure that the client is made aware of that opportunity so as to avoid paying a percentage of lien that is, in fact, worthless.

Our experts are constantly updating their knowledgebase, allowing us to identify the latest changes in the law, at the WCAB and local Board policies and procedures. We appear at the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board throughout California, and have experience with all of the judges and the companies who represent lien claimants.

In addition to lien resolution, we also provide settlement document walk through services.